Volume:9, Issue: 1

May. 15, 2017

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A Letter to the Readers
Tsyrlina-Spady, Tatyana [about]
Welcome to this new journal issue. We are back to our traditional format with a history of education corner represented, as usual, by Professor Boguslavsky’s paper, and also with other papers united by a general topic, Young American and Russian scholars share their research. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce a few interesting studies from both sides of the ocean. Although these papers differ in research style, depth, approaches, and methods they are mostly united by the authors’ statuses – these are either young researchers, or doctoral candidates, or doctoral and graduate students. I am also very excited to inform you that from now on we plan to provide space for short book reviews. To inaugurate this section, we have chosen a book by an Israeli Professor Marc Silverman published just a couple of months ago and devoted to the philosophy and pedagogy of Janusz Korczak, whose name and legacy are well known to our frequent readers. But if you are new to the journal, check out the previous issue, # 22, and you will find a number of publications about the ideas of this great humanist of the 20th century and also about different projects inspired by him.
A Pedagogy of Humanist Moral Education by Marc Silverman (2017): A brief review
Tsyrlina-Spady, Tatyana [about]
It is my distinct honor and pleasure to present to our readers a new book by Professor Marc Silverman not only because it is so timely and important but also because one of the first articles on Korczak, published in our journal, was also written by Marc (2013), Janusz Korczak's Road to Moral Education, and generated a lot of readers’ traffic and interest. Any academic who has ever put him/herself into the business of composing a book knows how tiring, stressful, and time-consuming it is, and how joyful and relieved one feels to finally see this product out of press. In Dr. Silverman's case, it is not only a relief but also a good reason to receive congratulations for an outstanding accomplishment. In one of the reviews of the book a famous moral philosopher Dwight Boyd states: "For anyone who believes in the importance of respecting children and promoting their moral development in schools today, this is a must-read book. Silverman’s synthesis and interpretation of Korczak's contributions is both masterful and eminently readable."

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