Volume:9, Issue: 1

May. 15, 2017

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Vladimir Yakovlevich Stoyunin as a prominent educator and humanist
Boguslavsky, Mikhail V. [about]
The paper introduces the reader with the life and professional activities of Vladimir Yakovlevich Stoyunin, a prominent Russian educator, scholar, and public figure. There is a brief overview of Stoyunin's philosophy of education and the periods of its development, together with the axiological foundations of his educational theory aimed at shaping an enlightened person and a true citizen. Vladimir Yakovlevich Stoyunin (1826-1888) is a prominent educator, an outstanding public figure, the most influential methodologist of the Russian language and literature, a researcher and practitioner in the field of female education, an original essay writer, book reviewer, and theater critic. Famous Russian philosopher Nikolay Onufrievich Lossky described Vladimir Stoyunin in the following words: "Stoyunin belonged to the most prominent Russian pedagogues. He became known and immensely loved by his students as both a theoretician of education and a practicing teacher of the Russian language and literature". Stoyunin's biographer Sipovsky pointed out that "Stoyunin's literary and educational works are a significant legacy for all enlightened pedagogues... His works stand out as independent and original... You may see rich content, diligent work, and original point of view in all Stoyunin's works. All of this surely reflects the power of mind and talent"

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