Volume:2, Issue: 2

Aug. 1, 2010

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“Preschool as a Setting for Children’s Personality Development and Self-Determination” Educational Program of the Preschool Department, Moscow Center of Education #734
Margarita F. Golovina [about]
This is not an article in its full sense; it is rather an abridged text of an educational program of the preschool department from School #734. Due to this fact, some parts of the text may not be clearly connected with others, and there are no quotations to prove any statements made in the program. But this is the way programs are written in Russia, and the editorial board decided to leave it the way it was originally submitted to us. This program is an expression of a successful approach to children’s development and is definitely worth the readers’ time and consideration.
Virtual Interview with Teachers and Administrators of Different Russian Preschools
Margarita F. Golovina [about]
Through the answers to different questions, important for the field of early childhood education, the reader can learn how preschool teachers and administrators see daily routines of their schools, how they react to numerous innovations, how they describe most favorable for children’s development conditions and activities and how they characterize a possible reform.

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