Volume:2, Issue: 2

Aug. 1, 2010

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Vital Skills for a Modern Preschool Educator
Lyubov M. Klarina [about]
In this article, Dr. Klarina lays out a thorough plan of action for teachers to use in solving their little or large educational problems that they face in their school setting on a daily basis. Employing an anthropological approach to problem solving that is holistic in its scope, Dr. Klarina provides a valuable outline for use in educational planning with a stress on reflection at all stages of the process. Her list of necessary skills and her perception of the role of the teacher as an educational leader are critical tools for any teacher preparing to begin an educational problem solving activity.
Developing Subjection of Kindergarteners by Introducing Them to Russian Nature and Culture
Lyubov M. Klarina [about]
In this article, the authors present the design and results of an experimental project which allowed them to explore the conditions of the kindergarteners’ subjectivity development. The project was based on the Subject’s Activity Model as developed by Dr. Lyubov Klarina, and it helped to raise children’s interest in Russian nature and culture, contributing to the development of their civic and cultural identity.
The Creation of a “Child and Parent Club” as a Precondition for Developing a “Family and Educator ‘Shared Interest Group’” at Moscow Preschool No. 690
Lyubov M. Klarina [about]
The authors describe in this article their efforts to face the universal problem of family and school cooperation by finding a way to nurture a strong family and school “obshnost” (For the purposes of this article, this Russian word which means “a commonality or community” will be translated as “shared interest group” or “S.I.G.”). Using a scientific and anthropological approach to problem solving, they define a possible solution, identify the target group, design a plan, implement it, and reflect on its operation and consequences. Included in the addenda to this article are samples of actual meetings of the “child and parent club” that was created as a solution to the original problem.

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