Volume:2, Issue: 2

Aug. 1, 2010

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Preschool Education: Voices from Perm Preschool Teachers, Administrators and Municipal Leaders
Tatyana P. Dvorak [about]
This section of the journal presents both answers to some questions of the virtual interview and thoughts about preschool education, submitted by different representatives of the city of Perm – Ludmilla A. Gadzhieva, head of the Perm department of education, Tatyana P. Dvorak, head of the municipal administration for strategic planning, and Olga S. Ershova, leading specialist from the Perm department of education, principals and teachers from Preschools #49, 55, 77, 175, 195, 233, 268, 298, 358, 390, 415, and also by the organizers of a new private preschool “Town of Childhood.” The editorial board hopes that these materials will raise your interest and inspire your comments and replies, which we always look forward to.

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