Volume:4, Issue: 2

Aug. 15, 2012

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May All Your Dreams Come True
Doornenbal, Deb [about]
There’s nothing quite as precious as looking at a newborn. We look and wonder, “What will they be doing in a month, a year, or even as an adult?” When a baby is born, the parents have hopes and dreams for that child. Hopes and dreams might change as the child grows and shows areas of strengths as well as preferences. And what about the mom and dad who have a child who is born with a disability? Yes!!! They have hopes and dreams as well. They want their child to be happy, to live an independent life, and for that life to have purpose. Village Northwest Unlimited is a place where those hopes and dreams come true. Over 40 years ago a physical therapist who worked with disabled children had a vision of what life might be like for some of those children as adults. He saw a place where they could live, grow, develop and lead productive happy lives.

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