Volume:9, Issue: 1

May. 15, 2017

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Multicultural Education, Special Education, and Gender Equity in Education: Key Facets of Social Justice Education
Coles Burnette, Jamie L. [about]
While it may be tempting to silo issues of gender, (dis)ability, and race/ethnicity in education, as they each have their own specific concerns, at the heart of each of these areas (gender, [dis]ability, and race/ethnicity) lies the issue of equal access to education for all students. In turn, equal access to education for all students is a key component of Social Justice Education. Therefore, many of the concerns of multicultural (or, more nuanced, diversity education), gender equity in education, and special education fall under the umbrella of Social Justice Education, and as such complement each other. After brief comments on important issues currently facing U.S. education, and an overview of the key tenets of Social Justice Education, attention will be given to the development, mission, and practices of multicultural education, special education, and gender equity, respectively, in education in the United States, and how each of these educational areas contributes to the goal of Social Justice Education.

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