Volume:9, Issue: 1

May. 15, 2017

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Main components of the preschool teachers' professional competence: Research outcomes
Vikultseva, Anastasiya M. [about]
The article describes the structural components of the preschool teachers' professional competence. Some of the results are presented and discussed. The authors show the importance of improvements in quality of training future preschool teachers. Trends in the development of modern society, changes in the competitive environment, and the inexorable growth of scientific and technological progress set the dynamics of continuously growing demands for the structure and contents of the educational system, including preschool education. This translates into the need to update professional training of future preschool teachers, especially since in the past preschool teachers were supposed to provide only "supervision and care". Today, it is hardly possible to reduce the requirements for preschool teachers to the above two

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