Volume:9, Issue: 3

Dec. 27, 2017

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Review of the book (2009) by Julien, G., & Sioui Trudel, H. Tous responsables de nos enfants. Un appel à l’action. (We are All Responsible for Our Children. A Call for Action).
Steinmetz, Nicolas [about]
This is an important book. It challenges the reader to respect our society’s fundamental values in our approach to the problems of children living in disadvantaged conditions. It is a sober, documented, eloquent, often heart rending appeal for action, action to remedy problems. But what kind of problems? In the spring of 2008 the Montréal Public Health Department published a report on children’s school readiness. On average, 35% of Montréal children were not ready for school. In the most disadvantaged areas this rate rises to 46%. We know these findings have social origins and quite often, serious social consequences. However, after one day’s headlines and a few comments, this would be forgotten like yesterday’s news. And yet, these findings represent a human and a social disaster. Children are our future. How can we sideline one third of our future population from fruitful participation in a society that needs them? An enterprise loosing one third of its production would not survive.

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